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Patent & Trademark Attorneys in Orlando

Headquartered in Orlando, our copyright, patent and trademark attorneys serve clients throughout the United States and abroad. After years of experience representing inventors, startup companies, small businesses and several Fortune 500 companies, Jason T. Daniel founded Daniel Law Offices, P.A. to help our clients navigate the complex legal process of protecting their intellectual property. Today, our staff is dedicated to providing stellar legal services to help businesses and individuals safeguard their innovative ideas, protect the brand they build, and establish their niche in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Our intellectual property lawyers will communicate with you every step of the way as we provide attorney services for patents, trademarks & copyrights that will ensure your expectations will be met. We offer a comprehensive range of client-focused legal services including:

Whether you have an invention for which you need to obtain a United States Patent, Copyright or Trademark, or you need to prevent someone else from infringing on your intellectual property rights, the experienced Orlando Attorneys of Daniel Law Offices can provide expert guidance every step of the way.

What Is the Difference Between a Patent, Trademark or Copyright?

A patent is issued to the inventor (entity) as a grant that protects the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing their invention for 20 years. A trademark is the protection of a word, name, symbol, icon or device used to identify the source of goods or services (also called a servicemark) that lasts for 10 years with contingent 10 year renewal terms. A copyright is protection for authorship of published (or sometimes unpublished) literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual property that basically lasts the life of the author plus 70 years.

Preparing & Filing U.S. Patent Application

The process for preparing a new application will begin with an initial consultation (in person or via the telephone). At this consultation, you will meet one-on-one with a registered Patent Attorney, who will personally draft your application. During the consultation, you and your attorney will discuss your invention in-depth so that the broadest possible coverage for your invention can be obtained. As all of our attorneys in Orlando & Tampa have advanced engineering degrees, you do not have to have a prototype or know exactly how to make the invention. You only must be able to describe what it does, and how it will work.

Upon the conclusion of the initial consultation, your attorney will prepare a complete draft application with any necessary drawings and schedule a time to review the draft with you (in person or via telephone) at no additional costs. Once you have approved the draft, and any necessary changes have been made, your application will be filed with the United States Patent Office, and you will be in a “PATENT PENDING” status.

Prior Art Patent Search

A prior search consists of a thorough investigation of patents and filed applications to determine whether your invention is different from existing inventions. Upon the conclusion of this search, we will send you a detailed report of our findings, which will include copies of relevant patents and/or applications for your review. Once you receive our search report, you will be given a complimentary legal consultation with a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney who will discuss your search results and advise you concerning the next step in the process of preparing your application.

Patent Prosecution

After reviewing your filed application, the USPTO may issue an office action in which additional information is requested by the Patent Examiner assigned to your application. These inquiries will be directed to our office and you will be completely informed of all developments and communications throughout the process. In some cases, we may conduct a telephone or personal meeting with the Examiner on an “as-needed basis”. When your application is approved by the U.S. Patent Office, a Notice of Allowance will be issued,and upon payment of the required fees you will be issued a United States Registered Patent.

International Patents

Although there is no such thing as a true “International Patent”, filing an application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) offers applicants the ability to preserve the opportunity to obtain a patent in any, or all, of the PCT-member countries (over 133) for up to 36 months.

Preparation U.S. Trademark Application

We will prepare and file your Trademark Application with the United States Trademark Office. We will ensure that your application satisfies all legal requirements of the Trademark Office and has the best chance of being allowed.

Trademark Searches

Similar to the patent search described above, a comprehensive trademark search should be performed to identify any existing marks and pending applications, including Federal, State, Common Law, and Worldwide. Federal marks are registered with the Trademark Office in Arlington, Virginia. State-filed marks are registered with a particular state, and common law trademarks are marks that are in use, but are not registered with the states or federal government.

A thorough search of these marks is necessary to avoid the possibility of infringement, or rejection of your mark by the Trademark Office. Once we have completed our search, we will send you a detailed search report explaining our findings and recommending the appropriate steps to take next. Once you have received our search report, you will be given a legal consultation with one of our attorneys in Orlando or Tampa who will answer all questions and advise you whether to take the next step in preparing and filing your application.

Trademark Prosecution

We will communicate with, and respond to inquiries from the Examiner assigned to your application. If necessary, we can also conduct a telephone or personal interview with the Examiner on an “as-needed basis”. You will be completely informed of all developments and communications throughout the process. As your locally-based Orlando & Tampa Patent Attorneys, we are dedicated to working diligently for you.

Copyright Registration

Our Copyright Attorneys in Orlando & Tampa will file your original works of authorship with the United States Copyright Office. Upon successful filing, you can use the © symbol to indicate that these literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other works have been registered and are considered to be legally protected under the appropriate legal provisions.

What do I need to know before filing?

By professionally preparing, filing and prosecuting copyright, patent and trademark applications, we can protect the tangible and intangible assets that differentiate you from your competitors. That way you can maintain your competitive advantage and legally protect your most valuable intellectual assets such as your logo, trade name, innovative ideas, patentable designs, symbols and service marks, original authorships and much more. Our commitment to a technologically-enhanced practice also allows us to offer Fixed Fees for most services, which are often significantly lower than other Intellectual Property Law Firms.

Orlando/Tampa Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorney

One-on-One Legal Services

Through our creative use of innovative technologies, our lawyers are able to offer big-firm services while maintaining small-firm personal attention to each client. When you visit us, you will meet one-on-one with our founder, Jason T. Daniel. Jason will provide an honest, up front evaluation of your invention, and will work tirelessly to prepare a thorough U.S. Patent, Trademark or Copyright application that will protect your ideas and give you the best possible chance for commercial success.

Thank you for visiting Daniel Law Offices online. Please continue to explore our website for answers to your most basic questions. For inventors and companies who are located outside of Orlando, we also have satellite offices in Tampa and Jacksonville that provide inventors with the same personalized legal services (by appointment only). We know we can help you make the best business decisions as well as offer excellent ongoing legal services. To schedule your consultation with an experienced Patent, Trademark & Copyright Lawyer in Orlando, call 407-841-8375 or nationwide at 1-866-37PATENT.

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