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Patent and Trademarks

Why You Need Protection for Patent and Trademarks

When you conceive a product or idea, or anything else that is uniquely your own, you will need to obtain intellectual property protection in the form of either patent and trademarks. This means that another company or individual cannot simply copy your idea and cannot take your brand name and use it for themselves.

You may think that you don’t need the protection of patent and trademarks, and that you can simply create a product or logo for your company and it will be covered. Unfortunately, if you create something and do not get adequate protection for it and someone else copies it, that person can claim it as unique and possibly keep you from using it. A long court battle could ensue—you may win if you can prove that the product or logo was yours first, but this is not guaranteed. It’s always best to obtain a patent and trademark to ensure your original ideas are protected.

How do you take advantage of patent and trademarks law? How do you gain this protection? You can file on your own, but this can be somewhat complicated—just as with filing a will or any other type of legal document, it’s almost always best to have help so you know it’s properly done and you’ll actually get the protection you need. Daniel Law Offices, P.A. offers highly-qualified Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys who can assist with filing patent applications and trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Do you always need protection in the form of patents and trademarks? When do you need to file for this protection and when is it unnecessary? In most cases, if you’re not sure whether you need this protection, then it’s good to file and obtain it just in case. Again, compare it to making a will: it’s always best to list your wishes in a will even if you assume things will be handled properly or if you assume you don’t have enough assets. When it comes to gaining protection under patent and trademarks law, it’s always better to be safe.

Your patent and trademarks cover anything that is a brand for your business, meaning anything that readily identifies it. This includes a logo, a slogan, a saying, and other business material such as this. A patent is for an invention or creation, and trademarks are those brands that identify your company. You may ask for protection for both at the same time if you create something you wish to sell. Getting patent and trademarks protection means that you can protect your product and the company you created in order to market it simultaneously.

Daniel Law Offices, P.A. offers highly-qualified Patent Attorneys and Trademark Attorneys who can advise if you need protection under patent and trademarks law. This will give you the information you need to obtain the proper safeguards, and to ensure that your work and your company is protected and therefore will be as profitable as possible.

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