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Trademark Attorney in Orlando

If you have a company, chances are you have a brand, website and logo to protect. You can do this by trade marking your brand. Not only does trade marking protect your brand, logo design and website domain name, but it also gives your business credibility and further sells your brand. To protect your company’s assets, call to make an appointment with a trademark attorney in Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville.

Trademark Defined

A federal trademark registration protects your brand name, domain name and brand logos from being used by anyone else. Furthermore, a sound, such as the chimes for NBC, a slogan or other form of identification for your company may be trademarked. When you spend a lot of time creating the perfect logo that defines your company, you definitely don’t want someone else to steal your work.

You also don’t want someone creating a logo that is close to yours – if they have a shoddy business, customers could see their one-off logo and assume that the other company is affiliated with your company. That could be devastating to your bottom line as you could lose customers to that company if they think you are affiliated.

Obtaining a trademark gives you exclusive rights – in the United States – to the item you registered. A trademark can be any phrase, word, design or symbol that distinguishes and identifies your company’s services and/or goods from other companies’ goods and services. Trademark examples include Burger King® and the curved shape of a bottle of Coca-Cola®, which is distinct to the brand. Other items that can be trademarked include words (i.e., Viagra®), names, slogans, abbreviations/initials, designs, a package design, fictitious characters, color (i.e., pink for insulation), sounds and music.

Registering your business name does not protect anyone else from using a too-similar name, your logos or other brand identification items. You do not have to pay for an expensive search before our trademark attorney in Orlando files a trademark application – our basic fee includes a direct name search. If a match is found, we will notify you before we continue working on your trademark registration. We do suggest that you conduct a thorough search prior to filing your mark, but it is not a requirement.

Once your trademark application is filed, it could take from six months to over a year for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register your mark. Once an application is filed, the trademark registration grants you the rights to the date of filing. That means that if someone else filed the same mark after the date of your application, you will be granted the trademark instead of the person who subsequently filed.

Costs of Trademark Registration

Our flat fee for preparing and filing a new U.S. trademark application is $775, and this price includes attorneys’ fees, the government filing fee and a direct name search. Should the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office challenge your application or if there are third party oppositions to your trademark application, you may incur additional fees as our base fee does not include responding to the trademark office or third parties.

Thank you for visiting Daniel Law Offices online. Please continue to explore our website for answers to your most basic questions or visit our contact page. When we can help, schedule a consultation with our experienced Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorneys, in Orlando call 407-841-8375 or nationwide at 1-866-37PATENT.

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