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Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement – The 411

 Trademark infringement is known as the violation of rights that are held by a trademark, without any permission from the owner of the trademark. Trademark infringement rights depend on the trademark laws of the state or region in question—what might be considered a trademark infringement in one region may not be in considered a trademark infringement in another. If you are searching for experts on matters involving trademark and patent laws in the central Florida area, your best option is to contact Daniel Law Offices.

 One of the key tasks governed by international financial regulatory bodies is the management of trademark law; this ensures that trademark infringement is punishable in every major market, and reduces the possibility of a trademark being diminished anywhere in the world.

 The patent and trademark lawyers of Daniel Law Offices specialize in helping clients all over the United States with a number of national and international intellectual property needs.

 What Is Trademark Infringement?

For example, say you owned a small business which you named “Lucy’s Lip-Smacking Snacks.” You spend years building up brand recognition and a pretty strong mark, you distribute coupons in magazines every month, and you run radio ads mentioning the name of your business.

 At some point, someone else opens a store down the block which is also named “Lucy’s Lip-Smacking Snacks.” At this point, there is no doubt that the person is engaging in trademark infringement because the new business is using an identical name that will potentially rob you of your hard-earned clients.

 What Is Not Considered Trademark Infringement

Now, say you owned a business known as “Sweet” and you sold confectionery in Arkansas. If someone else were to start a business known as “Sweet” that sold baby clothes in New York City, it is unlikely that trademark infringement is taking place. In fact, if you only sold confectionery in a small town in Arkansas and did not widely advertise your business, another person could start a company using the same name and selling confectionery in Arkansas without engaging in trademark infringement. If the businesses are far enough away from each other, and your reach is limited, there is a very slim chance of client/customer confusion.

 The trademark infringement lawyers at Daniel Law Offices will explain to clients in detail what constitutes a trademark infringement and what comprises a very fine line.

 It can be frustrating for business owners and inventors to spend a lot of their time, money and effort to create a brand and go through every step of applying for a trademark while another person or company assumes their name and makes money from it. With help from a trademark infringement lawyer at Daniel Law Offices, you can protect your trade name.

 If you wish to take your business beyond the shores of your present geographical location, then you need a trademark infringement lawyer to help you secure a trademark that will keep you from any future need to rebrand your product or service.

Thank you for visiting Daniel Law Offices online. Please continue to explore our website for answers to your most basic questions or visit our contact page. When we can help, schedule a consultation with our experienced Patent, Trademark & Copyright Attorneys, in Orlando call 407-841-8375 or nationwide at 1-866-37PATENT.

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